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Olde Forge Deli, Bakery, & Grill in Bandera, Texas

Over the last decade, Tek Outdoors has become synonymous with quality hunts, record-breaking animals, and top-quality service and accommodations. Whether you're rewarding your entire sales team or taking your son for his first hunt, Tek Outdoors can put together a hunting package that will provide memories and a trophy to last a lifetime. Tek Outdoors only works with the most knowledgeable, experienced guides and offers hunts at the most exclusive ranches across Texas. Those relationships allow us access to some of the best exotics, whitetail deer, and hogs in the country. To date, Tek Outdoors has over 200 records in the Trophy Games Records of The World record book with more harvested every year. Whether you're looking for a corporate dove hunt or a hunt for the buck of a lifetime, Tek Outdoors can meet your needs. We pride ourselves on providing quality hunts, while always focusing on safety and customer service. You won't find a more professional, productive, and quality outfitter than Tek Outdoors.

TekOutdoors presents Hunting 101
A comprehensive course on hunting and outdoor skills
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Number 1 in the world Pere David

Number 1 in the world Simbok
Number 3 in the world Simbok
New world record Black Wildebeest
Grant Zebra
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