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Olde Forge Deli, Bakery, & Grill in Bandera, Texas

TEK OUTDOORS - Dove Hunting Information

Texas hosts some of the best dove population North of the Rio Grande. There is nothing like seeing first time hunters shooting at waves of doves! Tek Outdoors takes great pride in managing for doves year round. With properties in Sweetwater, Trent, New Braunfels, Seguin, Katy, Uvalde, Knippa, Sabinal, Del Rio, Hondo, and many small towns in between, we will put you on the birds where you want to hunt.

RATES: Please contact us for the current pricing menu.

Weekend get away with lodging and 2 days of hunting : Most of our lodges are located right on the river with fire pits, docks, swimming, fishing, and relaxation areas. You may also add a personal cook to your package for a small fee. Don’t forget, you also get 2 days of hunting in our fields that are just minutes from your lodging. This is a great way to entertain a lot of people without blowing a big budget.

New world record Black Wildebeest
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